Recalculating 2022...

1,051,200 minutes, and that is 2 years of a person’s life span reduced.

If you haven realised, we have been trapped in this deadly C-19 bubble for over 2 full years. You are probably sick of the negative news and the ever-changing... ...

Meet the Consultant

Fabian Lau graduated from Banking and Financial Management, and 

embarked on a career as a registered 

Financial Consultant as he was 

impressed by the diversity of the 

financial advisory industry. He has been practising financial advisory work since 2006.

While many spend time and effort searching for the right "brand" or company, he believes that there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to financial planning.


With access to a wide range of financial tools and instruments from his platform, he is 

confident that he is able to go the distance with his clients and build lifelong relationship with them as they progress through different life stages. 


Fabian is meticulous and displays exceptionally high standards of ethics anprofessional knowledge. His passion for volunteerism and philanthropy speaks volumes about his character and heart to serve others.

Mr. Chen Lianghe

Trustworthiness and sincerity is very important when engaging a financial consultant and Fabian does possessed them. He has been genuinely helpful and given great advice towards my needs. 

Dr. Sebrina Abdul Malik


Fabian is very attentive to me and provides personalized service. He is able to give clear descriptions and explanations.

Adrian See

Public Servant

Fabian has exceeded my expectation as he stands in my position to understand the

pros and cons given every situation. His professionalism and sincerity has gained the

trust of my family as well.

Experienced, professional and a trusted confidant, Fabian is easy to talk to and patient, providing me with detailed information specific to my needs and concerns.

Mr. Lester Chia


Mohammed Ibrahim

Senior Police Officer

Upcoming Webinar

did you know that you place your family in a distinct disadvantage should you pass away without a Will? 

Estate Planning

Will Writing Webinar

20 October 2022  |  Thurs  |  7.30 - 8.30 pm


Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 6.35.04 PM.png

  • Why is Estate Planning a key to a well written Will?

  • Do I have to list down everything I own?

  • How to keep away unwanted beneficiaries?

  • Do I need a Will if I am Single?

  • Where is the best place to store my Will?

  • What are the duties of an Executor?




Not sure how to begin?

Arrange for a 30 minutes introductory video call with the consultant to answer your questions and understand the right fit.

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