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Are you keeping your riches?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As much as we know money can be the root of all evil, we can't live a day without it.

Just like water and fresh air, money, as medium of exchange is essential in our daily life. The sad thing is, money depreciates in value because of inflation.

As the world progresses and standard of living improves, there will be an increasing pressure to pursue greater wealth.

As a result, many people spends time searching for the best interest paying financial product, attend investment courses to learn how to earn passive income, involved in regular lottery betting, venture into multiple businesses, etc.

Lately, there is also a trend of people pursuing higher education. With a higher certificate, we assume it will get us to the next income bracket. having the minority with passion for education, I guess the majority are still behind the unspoken motive of finding more money.

"It's not how much we earn but how much we keep."

Most people fail to realise that in life, it's not how much we earn but how much we keep. We have heard stories of lottery winners who are poor, then suddenly became rich then poor again. They win millions and are soon back to where they started.

There are also numerous cases where a person's income increases annually, but his cash savings account remains stagnant for years. or what's worst, decreases! It's not surprising to see people are getting wealthier in status but not as wealthy in their assets.

One should be caution that in the long run, it's not how much you make,it's how much you keep and how many decades you keep enough to buy the life you want for tomorrow. Start feeding your piggy banks.

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