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$18 for a Nap

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

If you walk along the Singapore central business district (CBD), you may come across someone wrapped in bathrobe and wearing bathroom slippers on the street distributing flyers that says “$18 for 30 minutes nap”.

I happened to be given this flyer and it got me curious how it works. As the outlet was located just few doors from my office, I decided to check it out. Walking up the narrow staircase that leads me to this napping service outlet, the premise looks just like a typical beauty parlor. I was greeted gently by a receptionist and she was happy to show me around. Basically, there are a few rooms available, each with a single size bed, an alarm clock beside and some lighted candles place on the floor. Very simple set up yet cosy and comfortable ambience, I feel relax even standing at the reception area for that few minutes.

Above all that matters, the key question that shakes my mind is “why are we paying to get rest?”

"If we work for money, and that money paid out to

buy rest, then why do we work?"

I always love people watching while I go to work every morning. It is pretty interesting to observe on the subway and walking along the pathway to my office, thousands of people are just busy being busy: people are watching their movie series on their phone, some shutting their eyes to catch an extra minute of sleep while most are just engrossed with the updates on social medias or mobile games. Everyone is just busily occupied with something every moment even while they are walking.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a saint, I have a fair share of contributing to social media as well. But to the extend of paying to get rest… hm… I'm glad I didn't need to. If we work for money, and that money paid out to buy rest, then why do we work?

With the vast load of information sharing on the social medias, it's no surprise many are distracted and choose to give priority to focus on something else which otherwise would be a rest or a precious moment of peace time for the mind. The good news is in times of urgent need, you can still pay to buy back the much needed rest time.

On the contrary, napping service companies are thankfully not on a raising demand, else, CBD may just become a walking zombie district one day.

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