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Hitch It!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


"Yay, we found you a driver! Your driver is on the way."


Does anyone still dials for a commercial cab now? When I say hitch a ride, I'm sure u know what I am referring to. The recent trend of hitching a ride from a complete stranger's private car, who is driving along the way to your destination, rather than taking the commercial/ public cab to bring you alone from point A to B.

I was exploring the app and even tried being a hitch driver on a few occasions. I was kinda nervous to welcome my first passenger (stranger) into my car and to engage in a conversation, otherwise the awkward silence. As a courtesy, the passenger is also recommended to take the front passenger seat.

So what do I get being a hitch driver? Probably a new friendship, if not, a few extra bucks in my pocket. But more than that, I felt inadequate being a driver as I'm not familiar with using the shortest possible routes or to avoid any toll or peak hour traffic. Sometimes the location is not exactly along my way if I were to invite a 2nd or 3rd passenger, thus a couple of extra miles will be made, which means additional time and petrol used.


Even twins have differing views and goals.


Very often, we tap on our friend's advice or opinion for financial planning. Well, nothing wrong about sharing thoughts with friends however, you got to be discerning on what's right for you. Even twins have differing views and goals. Unless you are heading towards the exact same direction as your friend, earning the same income, spending on the same item, marrying the same person, otherwise, don't hitch on that ride.

Engage a certified adviser to assist in your planning, someone who's full time and experienced as you can almost be assured no extra miles travelled. Likewise, don't be an 'adviser' to your friend if you are not certified in doing so.

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