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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Ever went for a run then realized your old shoes are giving way? Ever started cooking and found you are running out of salt? How about traveling overseas and left your wallet at home?

I recently took part in a public 10km run. Oh dear when was the last (relatively) long distance run I did? With the limited time I had prior to the race day, I started doing some practice runs, went for swimming to strengthen my stamina and did lots of legs stretching before the race. And during the race, keeping my pace consistent and reminding myself to control my breathing does help. Well, I'm glad to have clocked in 76th position for the race, could have been better though if I had started my practice earlier.

It's all about being prepared.

Being prepared for a new position, changes and major happenings in life be it a new born, retrenchment, departure of a business partner, an unexpected medical bill, breakdown of your vehicle, etc, it should all be prepared as there may always be just-in-case situations. Never be too caught up on other people's business and neglect your own, be prepared for the opps! and oh sharks!

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