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One Step Ahead

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A lady was sitting at a restaurant looking through the menu while a waiter approached her and asked "Hi Madam, what would you like to have for today?"

After a slight pounder, the lady took out a purplish bowling-sized crystal ball from her bag, closed her eyes and gave the ball a few rubs... and replied "Can I have the soup of tomorrow?"

I am sure that doesn't happen in our daily life, we would just take what is given to us on the menu, literally go with the flow.

In our fast paced environment, I must say we are quite blessed to have good standard of living: good education system, advanced medical treatments, sound transport system, up-to-date with technology, etc. With all these systems planned by our forefather or parents since we were young, at times we kinda take things for granted.


Dare to take an advance step to make things

happen the way you want.


The question is: Do you wait for things to happen or given to you, or would you dare to take an advance step to make things happen the way you want?

Some tips to plan ahead:

> Plan your schedule ahead at least for the coming week - know how fruitful your week will be.

> Get a few days worth of groceries - save time on groceries shopping, and perhaps save some cost for bundle purchases.

> Plan your exercise regime for the week - know when to work hard and when to party (I mean rest your body).

> Plan and book your holiday trips for the year - advance booking saves cost and you can better manage your year's schedule and work leave.

> Pace out your enrichment courses or seminars to attend for the year - don't get yourself too stress up with attending courses.

With some of the major events planned ahead for the year, be sure to live a stress-free and focused life.

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