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Same same but different

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

"Same same but different" - a commonly used singlish phrase to relate two subjects seemingly the same but differs in minor details.

How does it feel when someone walks into the room wearing the same dress as you? Or carrying the same bag, ordered the same meal, stays in the same town as you? Well, sometimes it calls for a happy Hi-5, on other occasion, one would rather be different before you start comparing which is better or who looks better in it.

Thanks to mum who gave me a not-rare-yet-not-very-common name. Personally I only knew one other friend by the name of Fabian and he was my secondary school class mate. In order to differentiate us, teachers and friends had to call our name with surname e.g. “Fabian Lau can you answer this question, Fabian Lau how’s your project going, Fabian Lau let’s go out after school”.

After awhile not calling me by surname becomes weird, it feels like something is missing if you only call me Fabian.

Those of you whose name is Kelvin, Alvin, Jonathan, Wendy, Jasmine, Magdelene, Alicia, Syed, Nooraini, Rajoo, Selva will understand what I mean. Some of you may even have a word 大 (big) or 小 (small) before your name just to differentiate you from another by age.


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.


The irony is we actually don’t like to be the same, yet we dare not be too different. It’s very convenient to just conform to the norm and live with it. Yes I am referring to your very own life. Our peers are usually the benchmark of our life. Parents set limiting beliefs for their children based on what they perceived. The nation set standards to cater to the average populations. How boring is this. Don’t you just wish there is a shoe size 41.553, that will be just perfect for you.

Hey friends, I hope you didn’t forget you were born unique. You were given a unique identity number, no one hand print is the same, your voice your handwriting is all unique, your mindset and behavior can never be the same as someone else. The moments you experienced in your life span is unique.

Don’t be afraid to be different because no one has the right to control who you want to be. The truth is we are all created different. Be bold to voice out your personal opinion and go against what you disagree. Most of the time all you need is just follow your heart and you will be the one and only ________________ (fill in your name).

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

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