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New Year New Mindset

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!!!

          "I want to be a better person."

                                        "I want to hit $x sales target."

                                                                   "I want to loose 10kg by June."

It is always during this period, time for setting new year resolutions again. Have you ever wonder why on 1 January?

What has change? Did you change your name? Did you change your identification number? Did you move on to another career path? Did you marry another husband/ wife? Did you change your sex? Did you travel to another planet? 


Then what makes you think that when the clock strike past 12am on 1 January, your newly set resolutions will come true? Is there some disney magical spell that was casted on earth or angels came to grant our wishes?

Nothing has changed, except for the change of our mindset. After a year of busyness has past, we now set our mind and (try to) make it a commitment to achieve new goals, conquer new milestones, take up new challenges, or to some, put an end to old habits.

A 42km marathon didn’t become shorter but it is our determination to want to complete a race. An examination didn’t become easier but is it our hard work to want to pass it. A property couldn’t be any cheaper but is it our urgency to want to save up for it. Your body didn’t change in any form, by it is our mind and soul that are ready to accept physical transformation.


Nothing has changed,

except for the change of our mindset.


Let’s not make new year or birthdays an excuse to set new goals or to change things you dislike. It’s not about the fireworks or the candles you blow that make magic. You know, it is all about revisiting and adjusting our mindset from time to time. Yes, time is always running, the earth condition changes, technology transforms overnight. Our mindset needs to keep up.

May this day be a day of awesome change for you.

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