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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Money, wealth and riches are what we all want. What exactly is the meaning behind them? Well, I mean deep down the roots to the creation of words, the traditional chinese characters may be able to solve it.


This Chinese character 錢 (qián) represents Money.

金 means Gold, a precious metal.


戋 which derived from the sound of 践 (jiān) means the act of fighting and snatching.

So true right! Human will not stop chasing after money and gold. In fact, one may even fight his live for money. 


This chinese character 富 (fù) represents Wealthy.

The top cover 宀 represents a house.


畐 signifies jars of wine, which is a product of surplus of food in ancient time.

富 - A wealthy home will have excess of wine brewing. In modern days, we brew with good food, flashy lifestyle and lavish possessions.


This chinese character 财 (cái) represents Riches and valuables.

贝 (bèi) means precious treasure.


才 (cái) refers to materials needed to construct pillars of building or useful items.

财 - items that are precious and has monetary value. 

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