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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Stepping into the end of 1st quarter of the year, many of you would have done planning and setting your direction for the year by now (I hope). It is not too difficult to set what you want, or at least just be better than previous year in any one of the areas of your career, finances, relationship, health, spiritual well being, personal lifestyle, or giving back (that’s extra tips for goal setting, you are welcome).

There are so much we want to achieve and do, often driven by the mentality of #YOLO and #FOLO and put ourselves in this hunger games mode, where you might find it absurd that some would even queue overnight just for a cup ounce of sugar tea with flavored pudding. Duh!

As one look back on his past journey, he may reflect that what hinders his progression are what I call the “sianz”: the distractions, the give-ins, excuses, no choice, bad wolfs or wrong habits.


Knowing what you DO NOT want is equally

as important as what you do want.


“I have always wanted to start my day with a morning energetic run before I head off to work. But the habit of snoozing my alarm and giving myself excuses that I need at least 8 hrs of sleep has aid me with 9 unsuccessful attempts out of 10.”

A friend has set her mind years ago to be independent. She wants to get a property of her own and not rent spaces anymore. Well, being a foodie and the convenience of online shopping, it didn’t help much with her savings. To date, she’s still trying hard to save up.

Knowing what you DO NOT want is, in fact equally as important as what you do want. You know your weakness, you know your hot button, you know your circle of influence. To ensure that you don’t manifest the same goal again next year, let’s identify what are your Do Not wants. Be clear with them and make conscious effort to reject the excuses and no choice whenever they hinders your progress.

Say no to unnecessary online shopping, say no to overeating with your supper kaki, say no to staying up late to stream online movies, say no to cheap hotels and air fares advertisements. Time doesn’t turn back, do or do not.

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