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Eat all you want

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Somehow, somewhere in your life you would have attended dinner which grants you to take anything and everything you want for just a fixed entry price. Yes, it is a buffet! What food do you head to first?

(Comon touch your heart)

Do I hear seafood, tiger prawn, oysters, premium red meat, world best cheese, lots of high grade imperial tea refill?

You probably won’t go for plain white bread, 5 bowls of rices, pickles or bean sprouts as they may not deem to be worth your money.

This is call a buffer syndrome - you paid for it, and with so much options, you go for the best. It’s human instinct. When you go for music concert, you look for the best view: paid for your train ticket, you expect to get a seat: paid for personal services, you want it to be split-seconds fast: at a five star hotel, you expect tip-top service.

Unfortunately, when this syndrome applies to a national social healthcare system, everyone bears the cost even if you don’t utilize it because it is a NATIONAL system.

The cost of medical insurance has took a surge over the last couple of years. This is largely due to patients choosing the best ward or premium hospital even though their condition is very minor. They just want to best out of their insurance coverage since premium has already been paid.


Over-consumption, over-service and over-charging

has increased the cost of healthcare services.


At the same time, healthcare providers are more than happy to welcome patients as long as they can foot the bill. Furthermore, with an insurance coverage on hand... "don't worry sir, we will do all the necessary scans & checks & testes for you from head to toe, inside out, and it will all be covered under your insurance."

Our healthcare system has come a long way to realise that over-consumption, over-service and over-charging has increased the cost of healthcare services, and in turn, the national healthcare insurances are affected.

As a consumer, let's activate personal responsibility: take only what your condition requires in order to keep our national healthcare insurance affordable.

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