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What's your price tag?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We can easily put a value to our property and our car, even a mobile phone and luxury bag has a value. What about the value of You?

What is your price tag? Imagine you have a golden goose at home and this golden goose diligently lay golden eggs for you everyday. The goose says “Master, you can use my golden eggs to buy anything you want”.

Over the years, you have successfully used the golden eggs to fund for your daily needs eg. for food, for your education, purchase a house, a car, some nice bags, watches, and pay for your travel tickets. Such a precious goose, you take special care of it, feed it well and make sure it is not stolen. Question: If one day a huge fire broke out at home, who/ what would you grab first and run with you? Obviously! The golden goose. Because even if you lost everything else, you still have your golden goose who can lay golden eggs for you to sustain your livelihood.


Who is that Golden Goose in your house?


Whoever is reading this, good news for you: there is a golden goose in your house today?

Who could that be? If that’s you, who is working hard bringing in the income (golden eggs), paying for bills, feeding your family, then have you done anything to protect yourself against sickness, accident, disability, economic crisis, business failure or death? Don’t undervalue yourself, you are a worthy goose with a price tag.

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