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Insurance is Bought with Health

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Rarely people are motivated to get insurance when they wake up in the morning. Or rather, the last thought you want to start your day with is to imagine that you will fall sick or meet with an accident today.

Many would rather keep their money with them for emergency use than part it for an intangible piece of paper call, insurance.

Do you know, health declaration is a must when you apply for any insurance coverage? You are required to declare your height and weight, and a list of medical questions relating to abnormalities from the head to toe, from your heart to your blood and skin.

If you have ever seek medical advice or experience symptoms of a certain conditions, that condition will most likely be excluded in your insurance coverage. In some cases, you may be required to pay a higher premium (premium loading)

because of your medical condition.

If you are currently having medical condition and is still on follow ups and checks, this condition will not be covered in your insurance coverage as well. Some insurance applications may be postponed until further investigation results are out for better assessment.

If you have multiple serious conditions, you may be totally rejected for insurance application as insurers may not want to take the risk of insuring you.


Insurance application may have exclusion,

premium loading or total rejection.


The criteria to get insurance is not about how wealthy you are, but how healthy you are. Even if you want to pay, insurance companies may not want to take you in.

So when's the best time to get an insurance for yourself?

One day before crisis happens. I bet that's what many healthy people will think.

But let me remind you, insurance is bought with health, not with wealth. If you don't have the crystal ball to tell you when crisis will happen, get insured as early as possible. Pay the insurance or pay the hospital bill.

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