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Moolah Talk Kills Romance

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When you are in a relationship, have you ever ask what is your partner's values and perceptions of money?

Many couples do not discuss about money. Such conversation is deemed boring or complicated to some. The ego men wouldn’t talk about money, unless he earns more than the woman. On the same note, the woman wouldn’t talk about money, because she don’t want to scare the man away with her high expenditures.

If both live a modest lifestyle, they naturally think there is nothing much to discuss or worry about. In some cases, where one person is more financial savvy than the other, the savvy one makes all the decision.

Talking about money kills romance? Let's be practical, if you have no money, don’t talk about romance.

All of us came from a different upbringing and financial background. As we grow up, nobody attend classes on how to manage money, let alone manage money as a couple. Things become different when you go from being two single individuals managing your money separately to a couple managing your money together. Most couples have never been taugh how to plan for their financial future together. They rarely talk about money... Unless they fight about it.


If you have no money, don’t talk about romance.


Smart couples talk about money all the time. It's a team work. When you work together, you can compound the results, you encourages each other and gives ideas. Combined effort will probably be easier to save more money together than saving separately.

Couples who plan together have a better chance of being happy together: more understanding, less conflict. They accommodate each other's feelings when making financial decisions. Don't you agree this sweetness is romantic too?

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