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Kopi Kosong vs Cafe Latte

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are reasons so many people "Latte" away their future. You can't walk two blocks in town without coming across some fancy snack shops, clothes on sale, or an industrial-designed coffee place with colorful cakes. A lady was telling her colleagues she bought a bottle of juice because the bottle looks cute - that’s $4.80 for a tiny glass bottle.

"Buy 6 pastries and we’ll have them pack in a beautiful box for you."

"Why not get one more item, every $100 spent will entitles you to a lucky dip."

See, our society is designed to help you "Latte" your future away. A simple cup of coffee that's worth just a few cents of coffee beans could suck 6 bucks from you just because of the sophisticated coffee machine, the latte art, or sometimes even the eye-candy barista. A slice of cake could cost as high as 18 bucks with an added gelato beside, dripped with some galaxy sauce. Every few bucks spent at a fancy shop could adds up to a few hundreds of lifestyle spending every month.


Society is designed to help you "Latte" your future away


Well the point is not to live in misery and starve to death, we work so hard, definitely we deserve to pamper ourselves once in awhile for a well deserved happiness. But, if you struggle to save even $10 every day, or pay your bills on time, then, it’s time to take a hard look at how you handle your daily spendings.

That piece of dress, the hi-tea session, the all-clubs gym membership, the whole bundle of socks, the new breakfast place in town... Sometimes it’s also because of the peers you choose to hang out with.

Do a one week challenge: for a week, keep track of all your spendings, no matter how large or small. You may be surprised by how easy money can be spent on small little stuffs that you may not even need. Cafe Latte ($6), could afterall be your dad's favourite kopi kosong ($1).

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