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Connect Your Money to Your Life

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Money by itself has no meaning to it, it is just a medium of exchange. But why is everyone chasing after money, looking for higher paying job, doing investments, attend trading courses, or even going into multiple businesses?

What we want is not money, it is the things we want or experiences we gain using money. To form a family, a holiday to relax, the feeling of having status, gain attention, to have more time, for self development, for companionship, etc. The underlying reason could be tangible or intangible. To some extend, money can do almost anything for you.


Money is not the answer to every problem.


But do be mindful on what you are pursuing. You might have came across some wealthy people who’s too busy to enjoy life or spend time with their loved ones, or the rich ones who have everything he wanted but still angry with everyone, some rich people with deteriorating health due to excessive unhealthy luxurious lifestyle.

Nothing wrong with being financially rich, but you see, money is not the answer to every problem. The solution using money might just be temporal. Free yourself from being a slave to money. Before you get busy pursuing empty riches and fame, get connected with the true purpose of your live - where are you heading towards, what fulfills you, who are you?


Connect with the true purpose of your life.


Surely you will see the deeper reason over the money you bring in when you connect your money to your life.

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