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Perception of Money

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Interestingly, everyone perceived money differently even though the real value of money is the same. A dollar may be minute to one but precious to another. How did the understanding of money evolved in every individual’s mind?

Perception of money came about from one’s personal experiences. Down to our DNA, our personality plays a part as datas are already collected in our neurology. The way we were brought up by our parents and/ or grandparents or elders’ belief lay the foundation on how we perceive money in our early lives. Can you recall when was your first money experience? Was it a positive or negative start?

Through the years of growing up, nobody gave you a ‘how to use money’ guide, there isn’t any academic subjects on personal money management. You picked up money habits from people around: your siblings, your best friends, your social cliques, guru from some financial seminars you have attended. Your schools, communities and associations have a set of culture that shaped your money belief system. And even religious teaching may have certain values on finances.


Perception of money

came about from one’s personal experiences


The medias that we watch, hear and read, are they all released without any control, modification or censorships? I bet you know the answer. A common instance you might have heard “you need $1mil to retire”. Do you challenge this notion or resort to it? As we see how technology has transformed the world money is being exchanged and transacted, money has now taken an intangible form eg. Cashless payment. Does this affect the human perception on money? Definitely. We gather information from our world everyday and use it to become who we are.

Our brain works like a sponge, it takes in lots of information, organizes and process it. However, not all the details are absorbed, we tend to apply perceptual filters: those that triggers our senses stay, while the rest are just passing through. Whatever stays, forms your unique perception. Thus, it translates into your habits and attitudes towards handling money.

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