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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your weekend captain speaking, apologise for the slight delay. Do bear with me as I only fly on the weekend. We will take off as soon as I find the air pressure button.”

“Hi, nice to meet you, I am a Gynaecologist, you can trust your first delivery in my hands. By the way I am also a certified Barista, Yoga coach, and a Real Estate agent, let me know if you want to visit a showflat and have a nice cup of coffee.”

How would you feel if the pilot flying your plane sounds amateur? Or your gynaecologist is a jack of all trades, not sure a master of what. This is just a fictional example, no offence to any profession.

In many business networking events, it is not rare to meet someone who claims to represent many trades, expert in many areas, been to many places, attended thousands of life transformational conferences - we call them a serial entrepreneur. At the end of the round-the-world conversation, you just wonder what he does, and can he really deliver what he says he could.

Financial planning is not a buying bubble tea transaction. It has to be done with careful thoughts and planning, you want to work with a competent adviser who takes your future planning seriously.


You want your adviser to eat, sh*t, breathe and sleep finances.


There’s always this question that many people seek: how do you choose a good financial adviser?

First of all, you want to make sure the adviser is a full time adviser. You want your adviser to eat, sh*t, breathe and sleep finances, always keep abreast with market updates and regulations. A full time adviser practices his planning skills regularly and spends time with clients and industry professionals most of the time. He has assisted many other clients of the similar profile as you, there are good testimonials of him or best, highly recommended by your close friend who has benefited from his advisory work.

A part time consultant would probably gives you less attention, delayed response, distracted by other commitments, limited time and resources to be specialised in one area of work.

As the saying goes: your portfolio is a good as the adviser you choose. Anchor your financial planning on solid firm foundation, make sure you work with a full time financial adviser.

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