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Are Health Supplements Claimable?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I often get this question: Is the cost of health supplements claimable under my health insurance policy?

It is common for doctors to prescribe post treatment health supplements or vitamins to patients in addition to the usual medication. As some medical conditions or certain major surgery may require longer term to recovery, health supplements are deem useful as a form of non-invasive maintenance.

Some supplements may be given in bulk for preventive measures, especially for cancer treatments, as such the cost of these prescription may be an eyesore on your medical bill. Every cents matters when multiple huge bills are in concern.


Non-claimable items: health supplements, dietary

replacement, vitamins, scare creams.


Most health insurance policy does not cover preventive treatment, promoting health or improving bodily function or appearance, unless specifically stated otherwise for cancer preventive treatment in the policy. These non-claimable items include but not limited to health supplements, dietary replacement, vitamins, scare creams, etc.

It is also important to understand the term Medically Necessary Treatment, it refers to reasonable and common treatment in the professional opinion of a registered medical practitioner, in line with generally accepted standards of good medical practice in Singapore (or your local country). Medically Necessary Treatment doesn't guarantee a sure claim approval, it is still subjected to claim assessment and inquiry by the insurance companies claims officer.


Medically Necessary Treatment

doesn't guarantee a sure claim approval.


Before you say “Yes I want” to all the ward services and prescriptions available to you, it is good to remember what are the claimable cost under your personal insurance and what are not. If you say yes to body soaps, sponge bath, moisturisers, telephone, television, newspaper, 24 hr personal service, an extra bed, be prepared to bear the cost.

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