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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

“I want to earn lots of money or achieve that prestigious award so that

I can give my family a good life”.

Have you ever heard of such phrase that people declare? Take a moment to think about this: What is a good life to you? We often see on social media how “good life” our friends have with their new car, luxurious travel trip, limited-ed bag, happy family studio photos, fairy tale wedding, latest electronic gadgets, etc. Somehow these material images had given us an impression that good life comes from being financially rich. Sadly, people in the world has allowed money to define who they are. Is it really about that condominium that can give you a happy family or that elegant car you drives that shows how deep your wallet is? If you let money define who you are, then you will always be searching for it, always feeling inadequate, wanting to be in others’ shoes, constantly stress over no promotion, no bonuses and not being ‘liked’.


Is it really about that condominium that can

give you a happy family?


Good life comes from your heart within and knowing what makes you happy, being in that moment with the people you loved, having peace with what you have. Even a simple family meal at home can be considered good life, spending quality time with your dog on the beach is good life.

Money is just a medium we use to acquire possessions, don’t use it to wrap over your body and let it define who you are. Your DNA is more valuable than the money you have.

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