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Happy New Decade

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Give thanks for all that the universe or God has given you in the past 10 years. Whether it is good or bad, we still give thanks because life is not a destination, it is a learning process and work-in-progress journey. How are you going to welcome the next 10 years ahead? Many people are stuck in this, or rather not sure how to plan. Too far to plan ahead?

Here's a tip for you:

A simple exercise is to first evaluation how was your past 10 years? Where were you at or what were you doing in 2010 - 2019? Out your age to it, this will make it easier for you to recall. Your evaluation will either awaken you (what have you been doing man!) or give you a clear idea what you have done and what’s next.

You may not have achieve certain results, but I'm sure you are one step nearer.


Give yourself a pad on the shoulder

Well done, you made it this far.


So how do you plan next? Plan ahead in the areas of your personal life progression, accomplishment, hobbies, your relationship, your career, your financial standing, your health, or giving back to the community. If the future is blur or expecting lots of changes, just take smaller steps by setting a 1 - 3 years (short term) or 3 - 5 years (mid-term) goals.

You may even want to say No or remove certain things or people in your life so that you could move on better eg. exiting noisy group chats. #justsaying

Be responsible for your own life, if you are not clear of your own, then you will fall into living other’s life and be a blind follower. Don’t let the next decade just pass-by without giving yourself a sense of PURPOSE and HAPPINESS. There are many many many open opportunities out there for you to grab, so do let the years ahead be the best decade yet!

Wishing you many positive encounters and harvesting of your goals in 2020!

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