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The Right Fit

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Have you ever worked with someone and you are constantly pulling your hair because you just can’t understand what your partner is saying or doing? When it comes to planning for your life goals and financial matters, it is important as well to engage the right financial consultant to work with. It is a long term reciprocal working relationship that you build with your consultant. Thus, you need to like and trust your consultant before you will entrust your personal stories and finances to him/ her. Everyone may possess different values in life, it will be ideal if you agree with your consultant's values, and vice versa, he must accept your values as well, otherwise, can you imagine, your discussion will turn out to be a lecture.

The consultant may not be of superior position or be in the industry for many decades. Sometimes the “right” consultant you engage may just be someone whom you can clique and have a good conversation with. Well, not just a good conversation (because some people are just extrovert and naturally chatty), but you can feel the person is passionate to know you and speaks from the heart, not the smarts.


It is a long term reciprocal working relationship

that you build with your consultant.


Most consultants will provide a free initial consultation session to share with you on his background, business practice and planning philosophies. Chemistry comes into play during this session. Find a consultant who speaks your language and not one who boost about his many many many awards/ achievements or uses financial jargons like "inflationary adjusted rate of returns" and "carcinoma in situ". On your first session, you could even ask the consultant what profile of clients he/ she usually serves, and what are their common concerns. This will give you a gauge if he/ she is familiar with certain clientele profiles or professional industries. Find the right fit goes a long way.

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