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One of the topics in my D.I.Y. financial planning class is about budgeting. Budgeting is the act of creating a plan to spend your money. No, it isn’t about restricting you on your spending and cutting out on the fun. It’s about understanding how much money you have and where you want it to go so that you can plan in advance. One of the money jars we can allocate our money into is the Education jar. Many people graduated from their tertiary education and started working for years has never gone back to their books since then. If you have been wondering why you have not gotten a decent pay increment, selected for promotion, or feel stagnant in where you are, maybe it is time to enhance on your self-worth.

How much should one spend on education? My suggestion is 5% of your monthly income, and it can be spent every month. Education doesn’t just mean full time schooling, there are many ways you can do education: by taking up short courses, go for skills upgrading, acquire certifications, subscribe to books, attend relevant seminars, start a new skill, pursuing a hobbies, etc. How about getting out of your comfort zone? Pick up a new language, learn from someone who inspires you, find a mentor, join public speaking, overcome a fear, etc.


Maybe it is time to enhance on your self-worth.


And as you acquire new skills, be completely honest and brave with yourself to quit a habit (if any), sometimes we need to unlearn and learn again. Cut away the weeds and start fresh, have an open mind and give yourself the opportunity to experience life from a new perspective. Keep learning and add on to your self-worth, you never know when great doors will open for you as you shine. Start budgeting 5% for your Education.

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