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Born Again

Some call it a new norm, some has took flight, many are still figuring out. What is for sure is that all of us are “born again”. A new set of rules is given to live our life, it is as if we just came into a new world with new routine. Imagine you are teleported to a foreign country and you have to start living in it. We are not sure what’s today’s reading that will affect tomorrow’s rules, we live by the day. Are we a subject of an experiment trapped in a maze? Probably. Now is the test of individual ability and strength, your survival spirit. Everyone starts on the same line, no one can say they have been there done that, no one! Anything is possible to do and explore. The worriers will say: Quarantined, work from home, no pay leave, pay cut, retrenchment, continue working, lack of manpower, running out of resources, shut down business, falling sick, covid positive, investment down, lockdown, I’m bored. Hey that’s lot of worries to handle.


Now is the test of individual ability and strength,

your survival spirit.


However, there’s always 2 sides to a coin. The warriors will say: Take a break, sleep in, spend time with family, me time, food delivered, on paid leave, spend less money, indoor exercise, learn social media, learn new skill, find new job, connect with remote customers, job security, government cash supports, talk to God, ... In this period of #stayhome, you are indeed born again to craft a new norm for yourselves. Don’t feel trapped, it is not the end of the world. Now is the time to think out of the box to make life happen. Adopt a childlike attitude: always curious, dare to take risk, laugh at your own mistakes, not bothered about how others will see, be very forgiving. Stay positive and enjoy exploring the new born you.

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