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Don't Be Silly Silly

Many of you will not mind to wait for the day of sales to do your online shopping. Likewise, I do the same. But when I was about to redeem my discount, the condition says I need to purchase up to a certain amount before I can activate the “first tier” discount.

I felt cheated.

Anyway, are "Sales" worth going for?

In monetary sense, 50% discount on that item also means you paid for the other 50%. A 20% discount means u paid 80% of the price.

Whatever discount you get, you are paying at the retail price, which is more than enough to cover 100% of the cost price, otherwise it won’t be profitable to businesses. Does this draw some logic to you?

When an item’s original price, say $100, is reduced to $80, we deemed that it is a 20% discount. What if you know that the cost price is just $50, you will realized that you are paying 60% more for the retailer’s profit.

When there is a sale, is there really discount on the item or just making you purchase at a lower mark-up? This is retailers playing money psychology on consumers.

If you can delay your purchase till the sales day, technically it means that the item is less essential or even not important to you. And more often than not, you end up getting more than what you need because you need to fulfill certain purchase amount or enjoy more discount for bundle purchase. Limited time discount drives the urgency to act fast act now. All these are just sales tactics.

Sale is not necessary savings for you if you have to fulfill certain conditions that requires you to pay more than what you initially needed to. The irony is you may end up spending more during sales period.

Always be mindful to get what you really need and not be enticed by perks when you are required to pump in more money.

Stay away from 2.2 !

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