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Get your affairs in place

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We love watching dramas. It really is an addiction netflixing from one series to another. No boring storyline please, fill our appetite with gossips. We want to know who’s causing the broken marriage, what is the super power of that gorgeous mistress, who gets the inheritance, who killed the husband, are the 2 men blood brothers, who does this son belongs to... Omg endless affairs. Affairs don’t just happen on screen, you do come across real stories and they are happening around us, probably close to us. Family members suing or killing one another, cutting family ties, increasing homeless people. When it comes to matters of the money, the truth of a human heart reveals. All these happen because your affairs are not managed well. A lot of people pass on with unsettled matters, leaving their family members to clean up the mess. If you have not given any specific instructions, a written Will for this matter, it is impossible for your family members to know how to deal with your personal affairs. Some matters are really not as straight forward as it seems e.g. joint business, or an unofficial marriage.


Get your affairs in order.


Regardless of age or net-worth, writing a Will is one way to state how you want your personal matters to be handled should you pass on before your time. The power of a Will can really save a family and prevent the heartaches. It saves you time, money and energy.

There will not be any second guess amongst your loved ones because your intention will be clearly stated in your last Will and nominations. Don’t put your loved ones through a 100-episodes drama. Get your affairs in order according to your intention, Wealth Destined can assist you with this.

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