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Life Still Goes On...

"Get me on down, get me into the place

Where the beat of the street, and the people that meet

Take the blues far away

'Cause I'm lonely, ya baby I'm lonely

And life still goes on where I'm goin' "

I bet you haven’t heard of this song Life Still Goes On by a Canadian rock band Bachman--Turner Overdrive. Have you ever made such remark? Usually it is after a drastic change or sad incident happened that one would say life still goes on and carry on living normally, though one may be greatly affected, feeling upset or disappointed. Through the interaction with my clients over the past 2 months (under Covid-19 lockdown), there are many who responded with this exact same remark that their life still goes on. Questions is, how do you ensure that life goes on for yourself or your loved ones after a drastic situation had happened? As with any sports, there will always be reserves to stand in for any players who may be injured or not in the right form so that the team can still carry on and function. If you drive, you will ensure a spare tyre is in your car boot in case your wheel go flat.


How do you ensure that life goes on for yourself?


I believe you are getting it. If you had planned for contingency or made arrangement for Plan B, you can confidently says life still goes on. I’m glad those individuals who said life still goes on for them, they are prepared for changes and adapted well. A couple housed their kids at their parents’ place so that they could work as per normal from home. Some who are unemployed or had pay cut are able to sustain their living expenses with their past savings, but of course with some adjustment to their lifestyle. Those who are feeling bored as they operations are put on hold, they took the chance to brush up on their skills or pick up new ones. Basically, they had drawn out their plan B & C & D & E & F and moved on with living. So glad that there’s always options put before us, you just gonna stand tall, look ahead, and the road will straighten out for you as you go. I hope this will be your tune for the weeks ahead… And life still goes on where I'm goin'


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