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Purposeful 2021

No matter how unprepared we may be, I believed over the past 10 months of covid-ness, we have learnt to embrace uncertainties and live on. Today, using covid as an excuse of inaction is passey. Please, enough of that.

As we set our foot on the first page first chapter of 2021, be expectant of a year of goodness, fresh ideas and open opportunities.

Some may have experienced unpleasant moments or things may not have went the way you wanted last year. Why not have a change of perspective?

When the clock strike 12 on midnight, nothing physical has changed, instead, our mindset has changed to make us want to set new year resolutions and work on new experiences. Doing things from another perspective may open you to other greater doors of opportunity.

Never try never know. What’s the worst that may happen?

Let me tell you, the worst is when time has past and you regret not doing it, the worst is when you are still standing where you were a year ago.

If you have been sitting on the fences for awhile, standing at a cross-road, waiting for that holy voice to tell you where to go, my friend, take a bolder courage this year. Take responsibility to live your own life. Treasure every moment, we only have 365 days, not many. So don’t let chances slip off.


The worst is when time has past and

you regret not doing it.


Take that first step and things will flow its way. A stationary car will not move until you step on the pedal. Set the GPS for your 2021 and move towards your purpose. Activity without purpose is the drain of your life (petrol).

There may still be uncertainties ahead, unfavourable discoveries, bad news, new regulations. What’s new? Don’t be worries about all these, you are not the only one going through these changes. Most important is to have a bigger heart, be kind to yourself, and people around, be more forgiving because love is the greatest of all.

I’m excited about 2021. How about you?

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