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Recalculating 2022...

1,051,200 minutes, and that is 2 years of a person’s life span reduced.

If you haven realised, we have been trapped in this deadly C-19 bubble for over 2 full years. You are probably sick of the negative news and the ever-changing restrictions that’s put upon the world. That leaves many people feeling stagnant, and could only wait and see what’s coming next.

You may be hoping that better news will come tomorrow. "Can we hold big party? Can we attend live concerts? Can we stop meeting people behind mask? Are the country borders not open yet? When can I reunite with my family?"

It’s time to Quit… all your applications, Shut Down… your brain operating system, and do a re-Start. TADA!!!


Recalculate your journey and find new grounds


There’s no better ways to move forward other than to put an intentionally stop, re-evaluate your current position and set a new path for yourself.

Don’t let your hopes and dreams be dependant on the uncontrollable, because here’s the good news: there is always more than 1 solution to a problem; more than 1 route to reach the mountain peak; more than 10 strategies to be slimmer; more than 100 creative ideas to build your house.

If you are still fixated on your one way one style one career path one old habit, why not allow your heart to recalculate your journey. It may seems difficult than you thought, but all it takes is just ONE decision. Wake up your lazy soul and deactivate the auto-pilot mode. Now!

Because of how the world is evolving and our daily lives are live differently, changing our routine is necessary.

You should even remove things that you don’t use, don’t wear, don’t need, don’t love, don’t eat, don’t enjoy - to free your space for what you truly value and spark joy.

It is time to call for a change if you are already feeling dragged and unfulfilling doing what you do. Unfortunately, some things have became our pre-loved. Don’t carry on doing it just because it is easy to do and you have been doing it.


Wake up your lazy soul and deactivate the auto-pilot mode.



Recalculate your journey and find new grounds to explore for this current season. Change will only happen when you allow it, so don’t let the visible road lead you, design and construct your journey because #YOLO.

I wish you the best in your new adventure this season.

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