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Size Doesn't Matter, Skill Does

There are many nature wonders in this world that’s sometimes beyond our understanding. One of which is to know how wise animals and creatures can be.

Ants are creatures with little strength as compared to animals and human: they are not trained on knowledge of four seasons, yet they possess survival instinct. Their wisdom is shown in that they prepare their food in the summer. They work hard while they can at the right season and rest during winter time.

Do you, who knows the season, not prepare food for your future?

A recent study published on The Straits Times shows that 2 out of 3 working Singaporeans do not have savings to last them beyond 6 months. As there are many impacted by the coronavirus crisis, their household income and savings are taking a big hit.

Their wisdom is shown in that they prepare their food in the summer.

This is not rocket science theory. It takes wisdom and (I'm reluctant to use the word) common sense to understand that today’s fortune was the resources saved yesterday, today's harvest was the seed planted and nurtured over the years. In other words, if you want great harvest in 10 years time, you gonna start working on it today.

Even if you didn’t know the what to and how to, there’s always internet you can go to, lots of information around, you can also seek advice from subject matter experts.

What is the “winter” you are planning for?

Everyone faces different winter time, some times unexpected earthquakes or hurricane may happen and caused your life to be upside down.

Today’s fortune was the resources saved yesterday.

Since we do not have the crystal ball to see the unknown ahead of us, with the ant mentality, saving up your resources in advance is the best you could do for yourself financially. Money is not everything but money can do many things.

Be ready for the next phase, life stage, age, or season you are moving into. It is not the amount you save that matters, the discipline of doing it brings you a long way.

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